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About us

Since its establishment in 2018, WeMake has become a leading engineer and build contractor in renovating and transforming commercial real estate.

At WeMake, we look beyond the simple realization of a provided design. We take our clients on a goal-oriented journey, where we assist, aid and facilitate in every step. With our expertise and broad experience we will always ensure the best, most satisfactory result possible.

Our work starts and finishes with people. WeMake creates spaces that form a natural extension of the ideas and philosophy of our clients. By applying a holistic approach, we develop progressive engineer and build projects where people feel at home, work well and are productive.
You Imagine It, We Make It.

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A productive workspace for a productive company

Our team

Martijn Bloothoofd

Boy Oosterman

Maurits Rutte

Diederick Willemsen

Mirjam Broekema

Catherine Pope

Daan Dam

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