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What we do

We build and lead projects from start to finish through a unique, integrated approach, taking full responsibility to ensure an exemplary end result in the engineer and build process.

At WeMake we approach projects holistically to ensure the highest possible quality for our clients. We ensure goals are met through exemplary leadership, clear communication and seamless collaboration in every stage of the process, achieving optimal client.

By assembling and leading a dedicated team of multidisciplinary professionals for each engineer build project, we ensure all project requirements are met. We focus on seamless collaboration with our client, and keep them involved throughout the entire building process.

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Our proces


Intiation phase

We determine what our client’s wishes and conditions are and translate this to a realistic timeline and expected necessary budget.

Design phase

We aid in the designing process, present ideas for realization, and translate this to the budget.


We convert the design to a workable blueprint, while considering local laws and regulations, supervise permit applications, and keep preconditions in consideration.


We organise the entire building process, order all needed tools and materials, always keep situational factors in consideration, and set high standards for safety, health and environment. Through our modern approach, we are able to adapt swiftly. We report and inform our client about progress made during the project.


Throughout the project we guarantee quality through inspections and quality controls, after which a worry-free delivery takes place.

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